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Waves of Grace

I don’t really know…

I can’t really say…

The words to describe how I feel always run away.

So much confusion in a picture that was once so perfect,

The moon and the sun have switched places

The Earth and its waves no longer their subjects.

My heart forever throbbing, beating, yearning to feel its own fire,

But my mind at constant war defeats it-

Is my heart a liar?

What I once thought I saw so clearly has become a broken blur,

My sight fails with the days dimming light of only myself am I sure.

Up and down, joy and pain, fear and ferocity

All at once but never the same.

All of these things I feel

Not in months, years, or eons

My heart encompasses all these in one day, one moment, one second.

Changes happening all around me and I can’t stop its whirling turn,

The only choice I have is to lay back and invite the quiet so that God’s peace can return.

He tells me that I am beautiful, a queen of this life ruling with a steady hand.

I am grateful for peace and feeling His grace again.

Written by Ify Love while at The Ridgeview Institute Summer 2015


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