Hello world! Welcome to MY World! a.k.a. Bella’s World

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my place…well OUR place! Bella’s Blue Jeans is a place for you to let your hair down and receive the love and care that you deserve in today’s rumble and tumble world.  First thing is first.  My family and friends know me as Ify Love…but I’ve decided to create a world where my alter ego Bella can run amuck! lol  No worries, Mon.  You can ask Bella anything and she will be glad to answer your questions…and if she doesn’t have an answer for you- She’ll go to the ends of the Earth to find one for you.  Sometimes, Bella just has an opinion that she wants to share with the world while wearing a comfy pair of blue jeans…and that’s it.

If you are reading this then I consider you a BELLA (just a pretty way for me to call you beautiful) too! (I guess I can stop talking about myself in 3rd person now…lol) and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.  I am the mother of two kiddos, a registered nurse, and I tend to lean WAAAAY towards the quirky-to-no-end side personality wise.  I have also been a few places and done a few things (details later…lol I guess).  I basically decided to start this blog because I felt like the craziness in my mind had no “safe place” to go.  Sometimes I just want to assert myself and listen to my craziness because…well just because.  I get tired of society today being so judgmental about nothing to do with them and EVERYTHING to do with everyone else.  For instance, “happy” has to look a certain way, everyone has to be “thin” fit, a woman’s intelligence cannot be aligned with her good looks,  and your private life MUST resemble that of a reality show ( Those will be a topic all their own).

So welcome, my Loves!  I am so pleased to have you here. Feel free to reply to this post telling me a little about yourself and where you are from.  And if you have any questions (about anything at all)… Ask away!!!!

Kisses Up Down and All Around,

Love Ya and Remember you are BEAUTIFUL EVEN WHEN YOU’RE BLUE!


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